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Kingdom Apostolic Center

CityGate Atlanta is a training, equipping and activating ministry serving the metro-Atlanta area and beyond. Our passion is to see followers of Christ discipled and matured to fulfill their God-given dreams and destiny. We do this in a number of ways.

Regional Seminars & Conferences: We host various apostolic-prophetic leaders and teachers from across the nation multiple times per year to provide excellent opportunities for growth and development. Some of our speakers have been: Dutch Sheets, Clay Nash, Ken Malone, Robert Henderson, Chester & Betsy Kylstra, Kevin & Rose Sambrook, Anne Tate, and others. Topics have included Learning to Hear the Voice of God, Operating in Court-Room Intercession, Transitioning into the Apostolic, Inner Healing & Deliverance, Relational Covenants and Spiritual Authority.

Equipping Classes: These classes are geared toward training and equipping in practical areas of spiritual and life-skills development. Some topics include foundational discipleship, intercession, prophetic activation, business development, health & fitness and other issues of interest to the community.

Community Involvement: Partnering with other groups in the area, we seek to serve the community to see lasting change through the power of Christ's presence and love. 

Regional Ekklesia

Jesus wrote in Matthew 16:18 "I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it." The word He used that has been translated "church" is the Greek word "Ekklesia." Ekklesia in Jesus' time was a cultural word of the day that indicated a convocation of people in a city or region that had the authority to make decisions of government. It also spoke of the established government that the Roman Empire would send into a new region to establish the culture and rule of Rome so that the people of that region became "like Rome."

In other words, the Ekklesia Jesus is building in the earth is an expression of His government - the Kingdom of God - being brought into the earth to effect change so that the territory where His Ekklesia is established begins to look more like "heaven on earth." Throughout the Epistles of the New Testament, Paul and others wrote to the "Ekklesia" within cities or territories which would be made up of many smaller gatherings of believers. From this we glean that local congregations are a part of the larger Church- Ekklesia within a territory.

CityGate Atlanta is committed to being an expression of Christ's Ekklesia within our territory....not the only one by any means, but a part of what Christ is doing in our territory to advance His Kingdom in love, grace, mercy, righteousness and justice for His glory alone 

Local Congregation

Loving God. Loving One Another. Changing the World Around Us.

Passionate followers of Christ who love and care for one another as family and work together to see Christ's Kingdom advanced in our community.

Worship, Intercession, Prophetic Declarations, and engaging in Kingdom Initiatives are core to who we are as a congregation. We seek diligently to help each person find and flourish in their God-given purpose, gifting and passion, to be and to do all God intended 

Ministries of CityGate Atlanta

Worship: Establishing and developing musicians and worshippers, and creating an atmosphere that empowers believers to release their expressions of worship both individually and corporately simply to delight the heart of God.

Intercession: Standing in the gap before the Lord to pray, declare and decree His purposes over people, places and assignments to see the Kingdom of God advanced in the earth. Providing opportunities for corporate intercession and training to raise up mature intercessors.

Children: Loving and training children in the Word and Spirit of God to live fully for Christ from a young age, activated and encouraged to walk in the fullness of Holy Spirit individually and as a part of the corporate gatherings.

Inner Healing & Deliverance: Restoring the Foundations providing ministry and ongoing training to see people healed and set free.

Men's & Women's Ministries: Encouraging men and women to live authentic lives of faith with one another and in the midst of the culture.

Discipleship: Providing paths of discipleship to help believers live out their faith with integrity and excellence of spirit in every arena of life. Helping people to discover their God-given purpose and destiny, and to walk in it.

Outreach: Partnering with other ministries to serve the community, reach the lost, and bring transformation to our territory. 


CityGate Atlanta was founded by Jacquie Tyre, in 2011. Jacquie, along with a strong team, lead CityGate Atlanta with vision, purpose, and passion to see our territory move in awakening of the Spirit of God that leads to reformation of culture in every arena of society so that everyone is blessed and able to enjoy the goodness of the Lord.

Jacquie is ordained and commissioned through Network Ekklesia International. NEI is an apostolic network led by Dutch Sheets, along with, Ken Malone and Clay Nash. NEI provides accountability, counsel, and oversight for our leadership and the ongoing development of this ministry.  Jacquie is also in alignment with Global Spheres under the apostolic leadership of Dr Chuck Pierce - commission into apostolic prophetic ministry in 2015; and with Global Reformers under the apostolic leadership of Robert Henderson. 

Jacquie has been in ministry leadership at a local, state, and in the national arena for 20+ years. She is a seasoned teacher of the Word, a strong leader with apostolic-prophetic grace coupled with compassion for God's people. She has been married for over 35 years and has 3 grown sons, 2 beautiful daughters-in-love and three wonderful grandchildren.

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3100 Medlock Bridge Road, Ste 250, Peachtree Corners, GA  30071
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